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Bay Plan Map 5 Identifies a seal haul out location

Bay Plan Map 5 Identifies a seal haul out location at the southern shore of Alameda and directs the commission to "Protect Harbor Seal Hault-Out and pupping site where harbor seals rest, give birth, and nurse their young. Projects allowed only if protective of harbor seals and other sensitive wildlife."

Transportation, No. 5

Ferry terminals should be sited at locations that are near navigable channels, would not rapidly fill with sediment and would not significantly impact tidal marshes, tidal flats or other valuable wildlife habitat. Wherever possible, terminals should be located near higher density, mixed-use development served by public transit. Terminal parking facilities should be set back from the shoreline to allow for public access and enjoyment of the Bay.

Transportation, No. 4

Transportation projects on the Bay shoreline and bridges over the Bay or certain waterways should include pedestrian and bicycle paths that will either be a part of the Bay Trail or connect the Bay Trail with other regional and community trails. Transportation projects should be designed to maintain and enhance visual and physical access to the Bay and along the Bay shoreline.

Transportation, No. 3

" If a route must be located across the Bay or a certain waterway, the following provisions should apply:The crossing should be placed on a bridge or in a tunnel, not on solid fill.Bridges should provide adequate clearance for vessels that normally navigate the waterway beneath the bridge. Toll plazas, service yards, or similar facilities should not be located on new fill and should be located far enough from the Bay shoreline to provide adequate space for maximum feasible public access along the shoreline. To reduce the need for future Bay crossings, any new Bay crossing should be designed to move the largest number of travelers possible by employing technology and operations that increase the efficiency and capacity of the infrastructure, accommodating non-motorized transportation and, where feasible, providing public transit facilities."

Transportation, No. 2

If any additional bridge is proposed across the Bay, adequate research and testing should determine whether feasible alternative route, transportation mode or operational improvement could overcome the particular congestion problem without placing an additional route in the Bay and, if not, whether a tunnel beneath the Bay is a feasible alternative.

Transportation, No. 1

Because of the continuing vulnerability of the Bay to filling for transportation projects, the Commission should continue to take an active role in Bay Area regional transportation and related land use planning affecting the Bay, particularly to encourage alternative methods of transportation and land use planning efforts that support transit and that do not require fill.

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