Data: Sea Level Rise Coastal Erosion Mapping

This dataset includes: The locations of EPA listed sites that are vulnerable to a 100-year coastal flood with a 1.4 meter sea-level rise. Extents of dune and bluff erosion given a 1.4 meter (approx. 55") sea-level rise for the entire California coast. Extent of a 100-year coastal flood, based on FEMA 100-year flood elevations, with a sea-level rise of 1.4 meters (55 inches) (year 2100). Extent of inundation due to Mean Higher High Water (MHHW), after a 1.4 meter sea-level rise (scenario for year 2100), for the California coast (excluding the San Francisco Bay). The current inundation due to MHHW was based on NOAA tide stations elevation data (mhhw_2000 raster), to which 140 centimeters were added to the Z-value to generate this data. For details concerning methods, see the OPC SEA LEVEL RISE COASTAL EROSION MAPPING document from Philip Williams and Associates, LTD, from December 18th, 2008.