Data: Sand Retention Structures

This dataset is a compilation of the UCSC Sand Retention Structures, MC Barriers, and USACE Coastal Structures. UCSC Sand Retention Structures originate from a catalog of 211 man-made structures along California's open-ocean shoreline. The original database includes the physical attributes of each structure, as well as information pertaining to its coastal setting and history. A determination of the total sandy beach area retained by each structure was based on fillets or salients that are visible in aerial imagery and on the pre-post construction shoreline positions in the proximity of each structure.The lifespans of coastal stabilization, beach restoration and beach nourishment projects may be extended by the presence of man-made structures that act as barriers to littoral drift. An underutilized and cost-effective resource for understanding how these artificial barriers perform is the record of existing structures within California.USACE Coastal Structures were digitized as part of the nation-wide Navigation and Coastal Databank Program, which was concurrently operating in both San Francisco and Los Angeles USACE Districts between 2009 and 2011. This feature class is a compilation of geographic data digitized from various sources, including Coastal Structures Program Project Management Plans and the Enterprise Coastal Inventory Database. This dataset only includes Corps maintained jetties, breakwaters, groins and training walls. MC Barriers were obtained from the Coastal Regional Sediment Management Information System, and was last updated by John Carotta for CSMW in July, 2007. This dataset contained both man-made and natural barriers, mostly headlands. Due to poor attribution and metadata recording keeping, little of the attributes were preserved, and it is unknown where this dataset originated.