Data: Beach Nourishment History (1920s to 2000)

This is a dataset of beach nourishment history for the California Coastline from the 1920s to 2000. The original data was in tabular form (an Excel spreadsheet) and was compiled by Melanie Coyne while she was a NOAA fellow with the California Coastal Commission in the year 2000, and updated by CSMW in 2008. The original data is included with this dataset and is titled: beach_nourishment_history.xls.The locations of the nourishment projects listed in the table were digitized as points onto a 1:24k shoreline. It is important to note that the exact x and y location of the nourishment project is often unknown, and so the location is an approximation. The data table for this shapefile contains the beach nourishment history data. Each line may represent one or many beach nourishment events, the Date field will list multiple dates if applicable. All files in this dataset were originally projected in NAD83 Teale Albers, reprojected to WGS 1984. The original beach nourishment line shapefile had many truncated values, so in this newer version the field character lengths were increased to accommodate all information from the original source Excel File.