Action: 4.1 Identify the impacts to foundation species, basal prey, top predators and keystone species

Identify the impacts to: • Foundation Species (e.g., kelp, seagrass); • Basal Prey (e.g., sardines, anchovies, mullet); • Top Predators (e.g., sharks, tuna, sea lions, elephant seals); • Keystone Species (e.g., sea otters, sea stars)
Different habitats may be vulnerable to different impact types. Therefore, it is important to consider the impacts associated with the project and if habitats present in the proposed area may by sensitive to those impacts. Habitats often support specific assemblages of species so impacts to the habitat are also likely to impact species diversity. In addition, habitats serve many roles, including shelter, refuge from predators and/or competitors, and food. It is important to understand how these habitat roles could be altered due to human impact. Habitat identification should also denote habitats that are listed as "environmentally sensitive habitat areas.