Policy: Managed Wetlands, No. 3

" Any project for the restoration, enhancement or conversion of managed wetlands to subtidal or wetland habitat should include clear and specific long-term and short-term biological and physical goals, success criteria, a monitoring program, and provisions for long-term maintenance and management needs. Design and evaluation of the project should include an analysis of:
The anticipated habitat type that would result from managed wetland conversion or restoration, and the predicted effects on the diversity, abundance and distribution of fish, other aquatic organisms and wildlife; Potential fill activities, including the use of fill material such as sediments dredged from the Bay and rock, to assist restoration objectives; Flood management measures; Mosquito abatement measures; Measures to control non-native species; Opportunities for a diversity of public access and recreational activities; and Water quality protection measures that may include monitoring for constituents of concern, such as methylmercury."